Conrad Murray 'no books'.

Directed By Conrad Murray



'Dream goes on' As featured on BBC Radio.

Hekitegelege! After 2 weeks in the Indigenous Ipatse Village, Conrad and kuikuro artists created this song, which is the first new song in Kuikuro, an ancient language only spoke by 500 people, for over 100 years! Thanks to Peoples Palace Projects and The British Council for sending Conrad to Brazil!

BAC Beatbox Academy meet every Thursday during term time- Directed by Conrad Murray

Programme website: London's Beatbox Academy put Gareth's beatboxing skills to the test before their audition. Will their take on Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" secure them a place in the contest?
In October 2017 we programmed a one-day-event for Arts industry professionals in the heart of Matson, Gloucester's largest housing estate, actively exploring the question "is theatre just for posh people?" co-hosted by GL4 festival, Strike A Light and Create Gloucestershire and fabulously supported by Gloucester Services.