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Conrad Co Directed Frankenstein (with David Cumming), and the BAC Beatbox Academy , a group that he has been running for 10 years (since 2008).

Brand new gig-theatre by BAC Beatbox Academy, inspired by the original monstrous tale of power and persecution.

Frankenstein is an innovative meeting of beatbox, gig and theatre inspired by Mary Shelley's 1818 novel. Nearly 200 years after it was written the young cast ask who the 21st century monsters are and who made them. Using soundscapes, song and ensemble physicality they recount a tale of power, persecution and percussion.  

‘Frankenstein’, directed by Conrad `Murray, will be touring the U.K. in 2018/2019. Check out the Battersea Arts Centre website for details.

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This is an old story made electrically alive. Let it take your breath away.
— ***** The Stage
It is clearly his (Murray) passion that inspires these young people and brings out the best in them.
— ***** Miro Magazine