no milk for the foxes

In No Milk For The Foxes,, Beats & Elements’ first show, Conrad Murray and Paul Cree play two security guards on zero-hours contracts, idling away a night shift spent watching washing-machine circuit boards – hardly top of any would-be burglar’s wishlist. They’re very definitely working-class characters. “It’s in the language they use, the way that they dress, the way that they move, as much as their economic background,” says Murray – and in the fact that neither would change that for a second. The characters drop into discussions of whether their shoddy hours and mindless work is a symptom of a political system that stagnates aspirations of the working class.

Their vernacular is raw and authentic (“They know what the cost is/But not what the loss”), and their deadpan humour is bang on.
— The Stage
It’s dramatic authenticity is pitch perfect
— Exeunt Magazine
No Milk for the Foxes is not simply a theatre play; it is a new experience.
— West End Wilma