High Rise eState Of Mind Poster.jpeg

High rise estate of mind

A new show that explores why we need safe clean homes for all and shared fairly, told through beats and songs, using living looping and beatboxing.

Set in the future and now (although now is pretty much the Victorian age with added foodbanks), it explores the current housing crisis, and the psychological effects and anxieties that our homes (or lack of) have on us.

Told by a young-ish cast who are all dreaming about having their own place one day, it asks what happens when we move further away from the ground and our roots?

‘High Rise’ will be touring in 2019 -

Battersea Arts Centre weds 18 march- sat 21 march

tues 26 march to sat 30 march.

SAL 2 x dates - 1 school and 1 matson estate dates in April dates tbc

Camden Peoples Theatre 7-11 may