DenMarked @ The Courtyard Theatre

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Tales from the council estate of dodgy best friends:  that rite of passage, your first arrest, dinner with your social worker and the Christmas Dad went to prison.


A combination of hip-hop and theatre, Conrad's honest, raw and humorous show is told through segments of blistering beatbox, guitar and Shakespeare-infused storytelling live-mixed with a loop station.


Created by Conrad Murray and developed with Battersea Arts Centre, DenMarked explores the extent to which we are marked by events in our past.


DenMarked is Murray’s autobiography and returns after a successful run at Battersea Arts Centre in March 2017.  Conrad is a writer, actor, musician and director of the Battersea Arts Centre’s Beatbox Academy and one half of Beats & Elements Theatre Company.

An autobiographical show told through beatboxing, rapping and spoken word.